YOUR CITY/COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS Central Junior High School TEACHER'S NAME: Mr. John Smith DATE OF OBSERVATION: January 15, 2001 SCHOOL YEAR: 2000/2001 PERIOD: Second COURSE: Science GRADE: 7th FORMATIVE OBSERVATION DATA ANALYSIS Based on your observations, address each of the following areas using statements which accurately reflect the quality of performance documented by your raw data. ______________________________________________________________________ 1. MANAGEMENT OF INSTRUCTIONAL TIME All needed materials and supplies were readily available for use. Relevant instructional activity began promptly after the bell. Students were quickly on task. Most students were on task for most of the time. ______________________________________________________________________ 2. MANAGEMENT OF STUDENT BEHAVIOR Routine for handling administrative matters was evident. Student talk supported the lesson objectives. Student movement was purposeful and non-disruptive. Mr. Smith was keenly aware of student involvement. Desirable behavior was noted and reinforced. ______________________________________________________________________ 3. INSTRUCTIONAL PRESENTATION: LESSON DESIGN (FOCUS AND REVIEW, LESSON OBJECTIVE, TEACHER INPUT, GUIDED PRACTICE, INDEPENDENT PRACTICE AND CLOSURE); OTHER PRACTICES. Class began with a review of the previous lesson. Very good introductory statements were used for the opening. Speech was clear and precise without excess meaningless verbiage. Concepts and language were excellent and clear. Specific examples and illustrations reinforced the concepts. Most of the students experienced success. Mr. Smith exhibited good questioning skills. The lesson was well paced with minimal time off task. Transitions were smooth and efficient. The lesson assignments were very clear. The lesson presentation was brought to a proper conclusion. ______________________________________________________________________ 4. INSTRUCTIONAL MONITORING OF STUDENT PERFORMANCE Student performance expectations were very firm and clear. Mr. Smith constantly controlled student involvement and performance. There was a check of oral work by questions asked. Questions were asked one at a time and were clear. ______________________________________________________________________ PAGE 1 OF 2

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